Hairi Enterprises Blog Latest Products Thu, 01 Jun 2023 20:33:07 +0530 en-us Factors To Consider Before Choosing The Right Cable Joint Kits Fri, 11 Sep 2020 11:53:44 +0530 Cable joints are fundamental for the transmission of electricity by maintaining the long lengths of electrical cables. They have become an essential part of the electronic framework of any home or industry. Due to the dependence on electricity these cable joint kits are in huge demand. These kits help the electrical cables to be strong in unfavorable weather conditions, voltage drop, or any material issues.   Cable joints can be of different types and are based on a few factors. The cables and cable joints must have similar specifications. The following are the properties that differentiate the cables and cable joint kits:   • Voltage- This factor differentiates the cable joints into high, medium, or low voltage levels. The voltage levels are important as they should be of the same levels as of the cables. If the capacity does not match, it may not work properly due to the different current-carrying and voltage capacity.   • Insulation- The insulation of the cables and the cable joint should be compatible. The insulation can be either cold or heat shrinkable. The choice of the insulation depends on the purpose it is used for.   • Cores- Cables either have single or several insulated cores. The number of cores of the cables should be equal to the cable joints. This would ensure smooth functioning.   • Structure- Cable joints can be of different varieties based on structure. A few of them are straight, T or Y-shaped, pot ended, etc. The connection of the cables is vital and the cable joints should be in accordance with the structure of the cables installed.   Apart from making sure, the cables and cable joint kits are of similar specifications, there are a few other factors that you should consider before purchasing the cable joints. The following factors might help make the right decision.   • Location- The location where these cables are going to be installed is important in the selection process. For outdoor purposes, they should be made of stronger materials and more resistant to changes in temperature, humidity, UV rays, and others. The cables and cable joint kits used for outdoor purposes can also be used for indoor purposes but the same cannot be done with those used for indoor purposes.   • Distance- The distance that is to be covered should be kept in mind along with the voltage required. As with larger distances the pressure on the cables increases and it is necessary to choose the voltage carefully.   • Knowing The Product- The instructions given on the packages should always be read and followed thoroughly. Complete knowledge of the product specifications ensures safety in use.   These are the essential factors that would help you get the perfect cable joint kits for the cables installed. Once you have purchased the required product the next step is the installation. This process should be done by a trained professional to avoid any unwanted accidents. Various manufacturers of cable joint kits in Haryana provide high-quality products and can be trusted completely. There are many cable management service providers to install the cable joints properly to avoid any glitches. Amazing Features Of Outdoor Cable Joint Kit Tue, 17 Nov 2020 14:10:39 +0530 Cable joint kits are kits which joins two to three cables at a time to make the connection complete and free flow of current. This Outdoor cable joint kit is used in various industries for uses such as commercial, domestic, and also industrial purposes. This Kit is also customized according to industry standards. This Outdoor Cable Joint Kit Supplier Haryana is offering a high-quality cable joint kit after strict quality inspection to ensure flawless performance. They are selling the Kits at reasonable prices. Here are some of the features of the Cable joint kit:   High-temperature Tolerance This Outdoor cable joint kit can tolerate high temperatures. These kits are developed according to industry standards and can be used for various industrial uses. Due to this unique feature, Outdoor Cable Joint Kit Supplier is selling cable joint kit at affordable prices.   Shock Resistance This Outdoor cable joint kit is also shock absorbent and can be used for varied uses. Therefore this kit is best suitable for various electrical equipment, and these materials are procured from reputed vendors for better quality.   High- Conductivity and optimum Earthing Outdoor Cable Joint Kits have high conductivity and optimum earthing and can be used for absorbing high shocks. These cable joint kits have good mechanical strength and are therefore used in various industries. The Outdoor cable joint kits can prevent water from the entering into the electrical system.   Cost-Effective Prices The outdoor cable joint kit supplier is offering cable joint kits at cost-effective rates. Due to its varied features, these cable joint kits are offered at affordable prices. These suppliers are offering products online as well as offline in the market.   Easy Installation These outdoor cable joint kits are easy to install and can be transferred from one place to the other easily. Easy installation helps in zero maintenance, and no further training is required for such a kit.   Product Efficiency with Complete Kit These joint kits consist of 3 core with 95 SQMM and have 11 KV power with high efficiency, and can conduct high voltage power flawlessly. These outdoor cable joint kits are manufactured using modern technology with high efficiency, and a complete kit is then offered to the customers.   The above-discussed advantages of the Outdoor Cable Joint Kit are only among the few. Since the kits are utilized for commercial, domestic as well as industrial purpose, the demand for such kits is very high in the market space. The use of the latest and modern technology in the manufacture of Outdoor Cable Joint Kit has made the product user-friendly over the years.   Many Outdoor Cable Joint Kit Suppliers offer quality products along with a reasonable price to their customers both online and offline. You can also browse online to know about their after-sales services and customer feedbacks o ensure that the services are on par with set industry standards. Some Outdoor Cable Joint Kit Suppliers also use environmentally friendly packaging to help contribute towards maintaining our environment. A handy guide to know more about Heat Shrinkable Rain Shed features Thu, 17 Dec 2020 10:24:30 +0530 Open wires are prone to damage and short-circuit. Hence, to provide the complete coverage, the electricians are using heat-shrinkable rain shed. Made by using advanced techniques, these sheds are used for offering shed to the wires. Heat Shrinkable Rain Shed Suppliers India is fulfilling the rising demands across the nation.   The need for shrinkable rain shedheat :   Heat Shrink Rain Sheds are used for increasing the path for cable termination without increasing the length of the cable. They are also used to avoid continuousness during the rainy season and to avoid short-circuiting of the electrical network as well. The material used to make rain sheds: The rain sheds are manufactured from high-quality cross-linked polyolefin substance that offers excellent non-tracking behaviour, insulation and long-term service consistency for indoor and outdoor applications. These rain sheds are internally coated with water-resistant mastic.   FEATURES & BENEFITS • UV and weather resistance • Continuous Operating Temperature ranges from -55°C to 100°C • Resistant to common fluids and solvents • Thermoplastic adhesive inside delivers complete environmental protection & insulation • High creep resistance with anti-tracking properties   Uses of Heat Shrink rain shed: 1. Protective Sealant : Heat shrink is often used to seal water and dust out of cables and splices. It is ideal for protecting wires of home theatre and personal computing connections from moisture.     2. Insulation From Heat and Chemicals: Extreme heat and exposure to chemicals can damage wires. Heat shrinkable rain sheds can be used to insulate the wires without any hassle.     3. Easy Identification: Wires tend to get tangled, which makes their directing hard to identify. Because heat shrink rain shed comes in a variety of colours its ideal for coding messy groups of network wires with them. Using heat shrink rain sheds is a smart alternative to labelling with adhesive tape due to the protective nature of the tubing itself.   Buy heat-shrinkable rain shed online: The top organization specializes in manufacturing and supplying a qualitative array of Heat Shrink Rain Sheds. The offered shed is highly preferred by the clients for its features like rugged construction and fine finish. Moreover, this shed is manufactured by our adept professionals using superior quality raw material and advanced technology. These sheds are available online in different sizes and designs.   From their extensive collection of products, the online Heat Shrinkable Rain Shed Supplier India is providing a wide array of Heat Shrinkable Rain Shed. They make sure that all the products are designed in compliance with the set quality norms and standards. To maintain quality features, a certified manufacturer of heat shrinkable rain sheds inspect the range of their products on varied defined parameters.   Features offered: Finest insulation properties Excellent conductivity Durable standards Extensive colour shades Affordable in price   Top suppliers can supply premium range at an affordable price. Some are even capably providing doorstep delivery. Before finding one, research a bit for various names. Compare their features well along with the quality they supply. Online purchasing is good if you can find the highly accredited Heat Shrinkable Rain Shed Supplier India. Guidelines To Choosing Cable Joint Kit For Your Desired Use Sat, 02 Jan 2021 10:55:37 +0530 Electricity has become a vital commodity of our daily life that has a variety of uses, whether in residential, commercial, or industrial space. Cable joint kits are utilized for creating a link for different electrical power chords. There are varieties of Cable Joint kits available in the market space with various specifications, forms, and sizes that are used in many different sectors. Among such cable Joint kit, HT cable joint Kit is much demanded industrial application. Listed below are few guidelines before opting for a Cable Joint Kit application.   Quality Assurance Quality plays a vital factor when buying any Cable Joint Kit. Make sure that the Cable Joint kit you are purchasing is of international standard. A good quality cable kit is constructed with high strength material along with the use of modern tools by the experts in the field. Several HT cable joint kit suppliers also offer their customers kits that contain various tools. The key features of quality of Cable joint kits include high performance, smooth operation, and maximum output.   Easy Installation Apart from the quality product, the Cable Joint kit should also be user friendly. The Cable Joint kits should be easy to install in the desired area of application. If you have trouble installing your Cable Joint kits, ask the salesman or enquire a professional to guide you through the process of installation.   Purpose Another factor to consider when purchasing a Cable Joint kit is whether you desire to use these kits indoors or outdoors. It calls for a big difference in the purchase of the Cable Joint kit. The different cable joint kits are designed for a specific purpose. The outdoor cable joint kit will be constructed using tougher materials to withstand the outside changing temperature like moisture, UV rays, etc. It is not wise to use an indoor cable joint kit outdoor as it could lead to severe problems.   Safe To Use Choosing a quality product is essential for safety purposes also. A good cable joint kit will be safe to use during different weather conditions. With the variation in weather conditions, there can be chances of temperature fluctuation in the Cable Joint kit and it could lead to damage in the system operation. The Cable Joint kit should have space to move as well as expand without giving away side effects.   Durable When choosing a Cable Joint kit for industrial purposes, ensure that the Cable Joint kit is durable to ensure more usage over the years. The Cable Joint kit should also be corrosion-free so that the humidity and moisture will have minimum impact.   Several HT cable joint kit suppliers also avail their customers with different design options to choose a design that best suits their needs and requirement. There are different types of Cable Joint kits available in the market based on their function like pre-molded, cold program types, etc. You can also browse through the different websites of cable joint kit suppliers and manufacturers to compare prices and find the best deals on bulk purchases. Research properly about your cabling needs, types of wire, etc, before opting for Cable Joint Kit from your supplier. Choosing the Right Cable Lugs; Doing it the Pro Way Tue, 23 Feb 2021 09:53:16 +0530 The possibilities of cable lugs that are sold by the electrical cable lugs supplier India for every type of application in the electrical domain are endless. Choosing the right cable lug can get overwhelming, especially if you do not possess in-depth knowledge of it. However, picking the correct cable lug is important, for a clean and safe crimping result.   Here you shall delve deep into the standard cable lugs for copper conductors and the factors that you must check when making your decision, for a secure and durable connection. The cable lugs for copper conductors, attached to the conductor through cold forming, are some of the standard connectors in electrical engineering.   The Three Groups of Cable Lugs • Compression cable lugs as per DIN 46235 • Tubular cable lugs, available commercially in standard types • Solderless terminals as per DIN 46234   Cable and Cable Lug: The Ideal Combo Picking the right cable lug is determined by the conductor class to be processed. For instance, the mentioned types of cable lug can be accessed for cables as per the DIN EN 60228 • Class 1,2,5 and 6 conductors: the compression cable lugs as per DIN 46235 • Class 2 conductors: standard tubular cable lugs type • Class 2,5, and 6 conductors; solderless terminals as per DIN 46243   To be certain of secure crimping of conductors with the help of DIN compression cable lugs, expert recommend coded dies crimping tools as per DIN 48083. The needs of the manufacturer must be checked for tubular cable lugs.   Quality and Resistance Standards are also applicable for mechanical and electrical cable lugs. The international standard IEC 61238-1 part 1 is applicable in this specific scenario. It prompts how electrical connections must fulfil the tests to ascertain durable safe operations for its use. The electrical connections are required to go through various tests for this need. This includes an electrical durability test combined with a mechanical tension test. A practical test is simulated by the test cycle in this test.   More About the Test The connection is required to be heated the electricity 1000 times to 120 degrees Celsius to incorporate artificial aging. At regular intervals, the contact resistance undergoes reviewing in between the tests. There is also carrying out of six high current tests, where the heating of the conductor is to 250-degree Celsius approx. within a second, courtesy to the short circuit. There is a requirement of the high current test if the connector is to be tested, to ensure it is protected from a short circuit.   The Features of Electrical Cable Lugs • The cable lugs are not only safe to use but also affordable in both use and their designs. • All the cable lugs feature electro-tinned for inhibition of oxidation and corrosion. • The entry point of the terminal is shock-resistant and the flared end is offered in choicest lugs for convenient entry of conductor in flexible cables. • The cable lug terminals are manufactured in a way for easy entry of standard wires. However, the barrel end of the flexible wire insertions is designed bell mouthed. • The cable lugs are annealed to promise maximum ductility.   The cable lugs that you choose must be annealed. This assists in the reduction of tension and hardening of the material, besides reducing the chances of breaking during crimping. The quality of the cable lugs that you pick must be visible from their aesthetic characteristics. Two signs of high-end electrical cable lugs are burr-less production and consistent flat palm. All About Composite Polymer Insulators Wed, 10 Mar 2021 10:28:13 +0530 Electrical Insulators are materials that do not allow free flow of electrons or the atom present in the insulator and consists of tightly bound electrons where there is no free flow of electrical charges. A minute amount of electric charge is seen to flow. Insulators do not allow the transmission of energy. These are substances that do not let charge pass. Composite Polymer Insulator is a type of insulator that shows a better performance in frosty and snowy regions.   These insulators are characterized by a superior self-cleaning capacity. They have a smaller diameter, and therefore, the distance of the electric arc is also less. They possess a low energy surface as well.   Advantages Of Composite Polymer Insulators   The composition of composite insulators is made up of umbrella trays. It possesses a wide variety of advantages. Therefore, it is preferred largely by the electrical industry. The advantages of composite polymer insulators are the following:-   Cleans itself during rain or under wind: These insulators are versatile, and it is evident. They effectively clean themselves under the influence of rain or wind. In general, rain and wind are tagged as negative entities because they might end up polluting the insulators. But they are very beneficial in the case of composite polymer insulators. These insulators successfully get cleaned under the influence of rain or, in case of winds pressuring them.   Weigh it less: If we compare it to the porcelain insulator, it is of much lighter weight. It possesses a core rod that has higher extension strength. It is effective in making the composite polymer insulator in weighing less.   Often pollution checking is not necessary: Checking the pollution is necessary only after about 4-5 months. If you are using a composite polymer insulator, then it is certainly very beneficial for you because you do not have to worry about checking the pollution for a long period.   Easy to transport: As a result of the lightweight of a composite polymer insulator, the transportation procedure is easier, and installing becomes convenient. They even do not cost much. Therefore, a large number of Composite Polymer Insulator Suppliers in India are found online.   No chances of breakage: We often fear that the insulators might break down during the procedure of installation. But in the case of composite polymer insulators, you need not worry about breakage. It is because they are very lightweight as compared to the other insulators.   Economically beneficial for wet areas: Composite Polymer Insulators are often termed silicon insulators. Along with all other benefits, it possesses one of the most important advantages as well, that is, they have the capacity of disposing of water and are rightly suited for wet regions, both on a technical and economic basis.   From the above article, it has been quite evident that composite polymer insulators are greatly beneficial for water disposal. Not only that, they are affordable and are free from any breakage or damage. They are lightweight and that is the reason, it is easier to transport and install this type of insulator. How To Choose The Right LT Cable Joint Kit? Fri, 07 May 2021 18:15:00 +0530 One of the important parts of the electrical accessories kit is the cable joint. These are available in different shapes, sizes, configuration to cater to the varied needs of electrical systems. With different varieties of the cable joints that are available below link the electrical power cables. It is extremely important to make sure that you choose the top quality items.   Brief On Cable Joining Kits The LT Cable joint kits that are available in the market today are made by the most reputed and reliable manufacturers and suppliers. You should ensure to choose depending on the quality consideration. Top-quality cable joint kits provide operational efficiency, flawless performance, longer functional accuracy and life and dimensional accuracy. There are plenty of considerations that have to be borne in mind while choosing the jointing systems like the voltage application, site condition, operating parameters and cable type. A few of the commonly used joining kits that can be got from the market are the pre-moulded, taped type, cold application and heat shrink.   Following are some of the criteria that have to be fulfilled by the cable joint systems so that they give a flawless performance.   • Corrosion-Resistant: Cable joints lie in between the aluminium and insulation layer and therefore they have to be corrosion resistant as then they will not be affected by moisture and humidity.   • Strength And Reliability: This is extremely so that the cable joint can tackle the possibility of an overload that might arise in the future.   • Rolling And Expansion: It should be possible for the cables with joints to expand and roll without causing adverse effects on the insulation.   • Safety: Cable joints need to withstand varying temperatures ranging from sweltering heat or sub-zero winter temperatures as that makes sure no harm is caused to the system operation.   It is always better to obtain your jointing kits from a reliable service provider so that incidences of electrical faults can be averted.   Choosing A Reliable Cable Accessories Manufacturer   The following points can be kept in mind while choosing your cable accessories manufacturer.   • Experience: The more the experience of the manufacturer the less likelihood of him offering sub-standard products. It is important to check out the period for which the manufacturer has been in the market.   • Reliability: Adding to the experience, reliability is a key factor that will determine the quality of the product output. The manufacturer should have the reputation for offering reliable cable accessories.   • Tested Products: Products should be tested for the market before they are offered for sale. This alone will ensure that they perform their job effectively and offer the indicated capacity. For instance, a 36 kV cable joint should function without any hit h with an electrical cable of the same capacity.   There is no point in compromising the quality of your cable joint kit. Choose to deal with the best LT cable joint kit supplier India and get products from them. These play a very important role in ensuring the smooth functioning of your electrical connections. Top-quality products may come with a high purchase price nevertheless they yield more returns in the long run. Composite Polymer Insulator – Why it better than the traditional insulator Wed, 02 Jun 2021 17:42:03 +0530 The insulation of transmission gears is made of polymers these days. In the past, glass or ceramics were usually used for insulations. Previously, polymeric insulators were used only in certain urban areas, to defend them from high pollution levels and sabotage risks. Now, these insulators are being used for nearly all power levels, and they are also called composite insulators. This insulator can easily obtainable from the composite polymer insulator suppliers in India.   Benefits of the composite polymer insulator   Lightweight - Different from the traditional glass ones, polymer insulators are so light in weight and compact. This makes it simple to fit them into smaller cranes. It also gives better clearance space between the ground and the conductor. Being lightweight, they are calm to install and sustain.   Hydrophobic - These devices are extremely water-resistant. Their hydrophobic properties stop the accumulation of water on the surface of the insulator, which in turn stops flashovers and surface currents.   Higher Mechanical Strength - Polymer insulators keep great mechanical strength, due to which the transmission towers can be simply sited, situated at farther distances. Generally, as the traditional insulators have low mechanical strength, it bounds the transmission capability of the tower and the power productivity as well. Today, with such devices, it is easier to shelter superior areas without productivity being impacted. Pollution-resistant - One of the prime benefits of polymer insulators is that they are pollution resistant in nature. They preserve from the dirt, dust and water away, thereby comforting no internal or external damages or malfunction.   Due to this, the cost involved in preserving and cleaning these devices is ominously low. They are appropriate in areas with higher pollution levels, and where their consistent maintenance is not feasible.   Is polymer insulators are reliable? Whether it's a ceramic or composite insulator, the dependability of the device is one of the most significant things that you need to study while buying it. The toughness depends on its mechanical and electrical properties. Today, with the assistance of modern manufacturing techniques and hi-tech fixture, composite insulator manufacturers can prominently improve the mechanical strength of composite insulators. Innovative composite devices were presented in the market a couple of decades ago, and the version, which is presently being used, was launched almost 13 years ago.   These devices have a fibre-rod-like structure, which is closed with precise weather-resistant materials, generally rubbers and fillers. The end fixtures are then attached to the whole assembly. One of the utmost significant things to be considered with these insulators is the gap or clearance or interface between air and solid insulating body.   Most of the times, the core issue appears at the interface, as this is the spot where the solid insulator and air incline to hold up. Besides, the negative impact of pollution, water buildup and dirt, etc. lead to outflow in the current supply and worsen the overall performance of the installation.   Thus, to recover performance and efficiency, composite polymer insulators are enclosed with heavy-duty materials on the inside of the polyester core rod.   Qualities of a good composite polymer insulator suppliers India They must provide consistency, quick turnaround and flexibility Must be supplying products as per the companies specifications Must be following the stringent quality standards Delivering on time